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Sara Blazo


     I am an actress, model, and retired massage therapist but have been painting off and on since attending Abington high school and Centenary College where I was an art major. 

     I always love the feeling of giving “life” to a blank canvas and see it evolve into a finished painting. Acrylic is my medium of choice, although I have worked in oils, pen and ink, water color and pastels. My favorite subjects are animals of any kind and I have done quite a few pet commissions.

     My paintings have been shown in various gallery settings in PA and NJ and I have won a few prizes along the way. Most of my art studies were back in school, but I also have worked with a few artists along the way.

Of course many of my paintings are in friends and family homes, but I am always thrilled to see others enjoy them on their walls too.

     I am so very happy to be a part of the Gathering and to hang my work in Doylestown! ❤

2023 12 15_1 sARA  21145.jpg
2024 03 01_1 Sara   Building 24427.jpg
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