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Andrea Tucker




I am an experimental artist, having transitioned from watercolor to contemporary and abstract acrylic fluid art. 
My designs start  with paint that is custom mixed using various chemicals and paint conditioners, then layered according to density.  In order to manipulate the paint, the canvas is stretched and tilted, then several techniques are used to create movement and design on the canvas.  As the paint begins to dry, I add embellishments and the painting comes to life!  After drying, I will add a satin or glossy UV varnish, framed and they are ready to hang!

The colors I use are bold and bright top of the line acrylics  and will compliment any type of decor or room.  The beauty of each  painting is mesmerizing and everyone sees something different in the painting. 

My love of art started in first grade and throughout my life, I have continued my art education through the Art Institute of Chicago, various private lessons and at the Michener Museum.  My paintings are currently in Scrambled, which is a gallery in New Hope, the Doylestown Hospital Artwalk, various art fairs and  the juried Doylestown Art Festival.

Let your imagination take hold and lose yourself in the beauty of art!

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