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               Yonina Schuchman



Yonina Schuchman is a Philadelphia native who lives in Horsham PA. She was a three year art major at Upper Dublin High School and had the opportunity to to take various art classes in her 20s when she was living in Israel. After returning to the US with a husband and baby, her priorities shifted and she was unable to devote time to serious art. Today she is an acrylic and watercolor artist, creating art after decades in the IT field.  She retired from the corporate world in 2018 with a goal to return to the arts. Since then, she has studied with Debora King and Patricia Allingham Carlson, and has exhibited at the Pennridge Gallery of the Arts festival in Sellersville.

She loves bright colors, impressionism, nature, mysticism, and capturing happy experiences. Yonina feels that her life has been blessed with joy and love, and she hopes that her paintings convey those feelings. 

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