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Are you interested in selling or exhibiting your art?  Gathering offers various ways to join.

Gallery Space Rental Information

(NO Membership required)


~ one 7.5ft wire display strand = $35.00 per month  Special for a limited time 2 strands for $50.00)
~ NO commission on sales!
~ Family Friendly art

Come in or Mail in your check today to reserve your spot!




Featured Artists  Exhibits for 2 months.   For only $35, receive ONE spot on the wall plus TWO spots in our print rack for two full months.  (For a limited time 2 spots for $50.00)


artwork will be on display for TWO full months

drop off day will be Thursday, ____________, 12-6pm

pick up day will be Saturday, _____________, 12-6pm

there is a $35 fee, to be paid upon approval of art

20 x 24" maximum size including frame

**no commission on sales, ALL sales go to the artist**
(though please note there is a 2.75% fee on all credit card sales)

all subject matter must be tasteful & appropriate

Want to become a Coop Member?

Gathering Art Gallery & Boutique Application

65A W. State Street, Doylestown, PA 18901


Gathering Art Gallery & Boutique draws together a coalition of local artists to exhibit and sell artworks, original designs, and photography. It is a cooperative enterprise, expenses and administration are shared. Members seek to actively participate in the arts, culture and commerce of Doylestown, county seat of historic Bucks County. Our artists display a variety of artistic styles.


 The Gallery is committed to a $0 profit policy. Each member gets 100% of proceeds from the sale of her/his art minus credit card fees and taxes.


Member Benefits Include:

  •        Year‐round exhibition space in the heart of            Doylestown, PA  

  •        No commission of the sale of your work

  •        Year‐round promotional activities

  •        No contract restricting other sales,                       exhibitions or length of commitment

Requirements of Membership Include:

  •        Initial one‐time new member fee: Pay $100 entrance fee; $50 is non‐refundable and $50 will be returned to you upon giving two months’ notice and returning the key.

  •        Monthly gallery expenses are currently $73 per unit (per two wires). This amount is due at the monthly meeting.  Expenses such as business cards, advertising, and parties are extra.

  •        Contribute 12‐18 hours of gallery sitting per         unit per month.  

  •        Attend and participate in gallery events, ie           Parties, Workshops, etc.

  •        Attend monthly artist meeting First                       Mondays at 2:30pm.

  •        Contribute to marketing, ie Facebook, website, flyers, postcards, press releases, taking photos. Marketing is a TEAM EFFORT.  Choose something you enjoy and stick with it.

  •        Rotate art regularly (at least partly) to keep         gallery fresh and interesting.

  •        Please adhere to the physical boundaries of         your art display.

  •        Serve on a working committee (Finance,               Marketing, House Upkeep, Gallery Sitting, etc)

  •        I affirm that all art that I exhibit for sale at the gallery is my original art and/or design.


                Application Fee: $10



Address:_______________________________________________________________________ Email:__________________________________


Attach your Artist Statement or Bio:_________ Website:________________________________


Talents to share:_________________________ Signature:________________________________________ 




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