Are you interested in selling or exhibiting your art?  Gathering offers various ways to join.


Upstairs Gallery Space Rental Information

(NO Membership required)


~ one 7.5ft wire display strand = $35.00 per month
~ NO commission on sales!
~ Family Friendly art

Come in or Mail in your check today to reserve your spot!




Featured Artists  Exhibits for 2 months.   For only $35, receive ONE spot on the wall plus TWO spots in our print rack for two full months.


artwork will be on display for TWO full months

drop off day will be Thursday, ____________, 12-6pm

pick up day will be Saturday, _____________, 12-6pm

there is a $35 fee, to be paid upon approval of art

20 x 24" maximum size including frame

**no commission on sales, ALL sales go to the artist**
(though please note there is a 2.75% fee on all credit card sales)

all subject matter must be tasteful & appropriate

Want to become a Coop Member?

Gathering Art Gallery & Boutique Application

65A W. State Street, Doylestown, PA 18901


Gathering Art Gallery & Boutique draws together a coalition of local artists to exhibit and sell artworks, original designs, and photography. It is a cooperative enterprise, expenses and administration are shared. Members seek to actively participate in the arts, culture and commerce of Doylestown, county seat of historic Bucks County. Our artists display a variety of artistic styles.


 The Gallery is committed to a $0 profit policy. Each member gets 100% of proceeds from the sale of her/his art minus credit card fees and taxes.


Member Benefits Include:

  •        Year‐round exhibition space in the heart of            Doylestown, PA  

  •        No commission of the sale of your work

  •        Year‐round promotional activities

  •        No contract restricting other sales,                       exhibitions or length of commitment

Requirements of Membership Include:

  •        Initial one‐time new member fee: Pay $100 entrance fee; $50 is non‐refundable and $50 will be returned to you upon giving two months’ notice and returning the key.

  •        Monthly gallery expenses are currently $73 per unit (per two wires). This amount is due at the monthly meeting.  Expenses such as business cards, advertising, and parties are extra.

  •        Contribute 12‐18 hours of gallery sitting per         unit per month.  

  •        Attend and participate in gallery events, ie           Parties, Workshops, etc.

  •        Attend monthly artist meeting First                       Mondays at 2:30pm.

  •        Contribute to marketing, ie Facebook, website, flyers, postcards, press releases, taking photos. Marketing is a TEAM EFFORT.  Choose something you enjoy and stick with it.

  •        Rotate art regularly (at least partly) to keep         gallery fresh and interesting.

  •        Please adhere to the physical boundaries of         your art display.

  •        Serve on a working committee (Finance,               Marketing, House Upkeep, Gallery Sitting, etc)

  •        I affirm that all art that I exhibit for sale at the gallery is my original art and/or design.


                Application Fee: $10



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