Carolyn Steiert



As a child in the 1950's, all I ever wanted to do was paint.  As I grew older I expanded my knowledge too many other types of crafts such as beading, flower arrangement, music and photography.  The love of sparkle drew me to design jewelry with color and form.  I now create strings of wearable color.  The semiprecious stones I use are designed for healing as well as pleasure.

The ability to see colors has helped with the design of jewelry.  I am still painting and working on the challenge of watercolor as well as acrylics and oil - - mostly self taught.  Art is a combination of never ending journey of learning and “happy accidents”.   

I studied with Flo Schadler, Art Teacher and a member of Bucks County Art League, Barbara Schurick, a water color artist and Hulga Frankenfield, art professor from Moore College of Art & Design.  Of course there were the TV Shows - Bill Alexander, Bob Ross and Gary Jenkins that I watch faithfully.

I enjoy creating beautiful wearable art which I also hope pleases the wearer. My goal in life is to add beauty into homes whether you are wearing one of my creations or have it on the walls.  


Artfully Yours,