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Carolyn Steiert


As a child in the 1950's, all I ever wanted to do was paint and I challenged myself to learn how to paint using various mediums...oil, acrylics and watercolor. 


I am mostly self-taught. But I have studied with Flo Schadler, Art Teacher and a member of Bucks County Art League, Barbara Schurick, a water color artist and Hulga Frankenfield, art professor from Moore College of Art & Design.  Of course I faithfully watch the TV Shows - Bill Alexander, Bob Ross and Gary Jenkins.


 As I grew older I expanded my knowledge to many other types of crafts such as beading, flower arrangement, music and photography.  The love of sparkle drew me to design jewelry with color and form. I designed using semiprecious stones for healing as well as pleasure and color (wearable color.)


I enjoy creating art.  My goal in life is to add beauty into homes whether you are wearing one of my creations or have it on the walls.  

Art is a combination of never ending journey of learning and “happy accidents”. 


Artfully Yours,


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