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Embarking on a journey shaped by the resplendence of horse racing and the evocative allure of western culture, my artistic narrative unfolds like a canvas painted with the hues of passion and dedication. The immersive years spent amidst the thunderous gallops of thoroughbred horses on the racetrack instilled in me an enduring love for speed and dynamism, sentiments that found new avenues of expression amidst the captivating world of western riding and cutting horses. In the serene embrace of a Midwest cattle ranch, my artistic prowess found its muse, weaving tales of beauty and vibrant emotions with soft pastels, acrylics, charcoal, watercolors, and now, the resplendent allure of oil-based pencils. Reflecting an unwavering dedication to equine, western, and racing themes, my art resonates with the timeless tapestry of nature's beauty, the tranquil allure of ranch life, and the timeless essence of home. Each creation is a testament to the seamless harmony that binds art, nature, and the cherished memories that find eternal refuge within the hearts and homes of collectors and admirers.


Artist : Sissi

 Meet C. C. Ronky, aka "Sissi"(named after Austrian Empress & Hungarian Queen), a bright and imaginative 10-year-old artist whose love for art knows no bounds. As the daughter of an accomplished artist, Sissi is inspired by the beauty of her mother's work and enthusiastically follows in her creative footsteps, infusing her own unique style into everything she creates. With an outgoing personality and a vivid imagination, she eagerly explores the enchanting worlds of acrylics, soft pastels, and colored pencils, fearlessly experimenting with each medium to bring her artistic visions to life. Each artwork she crafts is a testament to her boundless creativity, capturing the essence of her playful spirit and insatiable curiosity. With a heart full of joy and an eye for beauty, Sissi is destined to leave her mark on the art world, enchanting audiences with her exuberant and wonderfully imaginative creations.

Lucy Ronky & Carrie (Lucka & Sissi)

2024 06 01_1 Lucy buffalo   33431_edited.jpg
2024 06 01_133 Lucy butterfly428.jpg
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